Thursday, May 8, 2008

Whats happening today?

So what the hell is going on today? Seriously I'm asking you because I have no idea...

Loads of MLB action today.

In the NBA its game two of the Cavs and Celtics. Lets hope these guys can bounce back after a God awful game one. LeBron James is looking to rebound from a 2-for-18 night and Ray Allen is going to try and score at least one point. You can catch that game at 7 pm over at ESPN. Celts up 1-0

At 9:30 the Hornets and the Spurs play game 3 of their series. New Orleans' youth so far has been too much for the old Spurs but they are back home and are looking to get back into it. That game also on ESPN. Hornets up 2-0

HOCKEY!!! Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals Dallas Stars VERSUS The Detroit Red Wings. If you can find the game you can watch it a 7:30 pm.

If sports ain't your thing then whats on TV Tonight?

This is what the Networks are bringing you:

8pm "Ugly Betty" (I had a GF in high school that they called ugly whorebag, wonder why?)
9pm "Grey's Anatomy"

8pm "Survivor Micronesia--Fans Vs Favs" (I nearly didn't survive writing all that out)
9pm "CSI"(How many of these shows are there)

8pm "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" (Nope)
9pm "Don't Forget the Lyrics" (Does anyone remember this show is still on?)

8pm "My Name is Earl" (Jason Lee will always be Pickle Fucker to me)
8:30pm "Scrubs"
9pm "The Office" (Steve Carrell love that guy. Yes in that way) ;o)
9:30pm "30 Rock"

So a Rabbi and a Priest walk into a bar...Ah you don't wanna hear that get the hell outta here you crazy kids.

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