Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shit that Happenned on Saturday

There were a bunch of baseball games played.

The Hornets defeated the Spurs in a game that saw a 20 min delay between the first and second quarters because the Hornets mascot was a GENIUS! (Story below)

The Pistons defeated the Orlando Magic in I'm pretty sure a game that no one had any idea was being played today. Dwight Howard hurt his thumb all accounts from the game say that Howard was trying to touch that white crap in Rasheed Wallace's hair and jammed it.

Some horse that reminds people of doodie won the Kentucky Derby, another horse was killed on the track, and Hank Goldberg got fatter live on TV.

Some redneck drove his car faster than other rednecks.

The Olympic torch is now in China. Won't be long now till they use that bad boy to burn any dissidents.

Evidentially hockey season is not over yet...WHO KNEW?

I found out that Kennedy is still alive.

Oh and my dog ate a dead bird, then left it for me as a gift in the middle of the kitchen. I still love that bitch.


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Roy Bellamy said...

And at the end of the day...oh I can't say the Marlins are in first place anymore...shit