Saturday, May 3, 2008

Five (or so) things you should check out

1. Remember Daisy Fuentes? Give it a second...YEAH HER! Well she finally showed her boobs and to tell you the truth its like finally fucking a girl you've had a crush on for 10 years and mid bang you finally figure out that smell is her va-jay-jay.

For those that don't mind the smell you can check the pictures on one my favorite sites(NSFW) WWTDD.

2. Some Mexican guy at a soccer game nailed a cop with a bass drum. With Leather

3. Basketbawful has helped me come up with the new slogan for the NBA Playoffs. "The NBA Playoffs where thug tactics happen."

4. HOLY FUCK! Someone actually is considering having sex with Carrot Flop! Now I don't know if the girl in these pictures even had sex with him but for her sake lets hope he misplaced his prop suitcase. dlisted

5. My friend Dana is a reporter for 790 The Ticket in Miami, FL. She's on the Marlins beat right now and Dana gets the scoop straight from the players check out her blog right here.

6. Girls in underwear is always nice and its nicer when they are cheerleaders. SPORTS by BROOKS.

Also check out Ironman its awesome.

Look for more things to check out and coming soon other shit.

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