Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hottie of The Day

Today's hottie is non other than Maria Menounos because I heart her. She's been in "Kickin' it Old School" and "Fantastic Four." Some other interesting facts about Maria Menounos are the following:

Was Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1996.

She is of Greek descent. (I wonder if she likes anal?)

Speaks Greek fluently (Yep she does)

Owns the solid gold and pearl handled revolver that Elvis Presley gave to Jack Lord.

Avid Professional Wrestling fan. Former WWE Champion Bob Backlund has been both a friend and part time bodyguard. (wrestling nerds the world over are overjoyed but you'll still never bang her)

Worked at Dunkin Donuts, making and selling donuts through junior high and high school. (How many times do you think she heard "I wanna eat your donut" probably never because that was lame.)

Check the rest out and here.

Now on to the real reason we all love her.


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