Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So this guy has to be the creep of the year.

"Josef Fritzl, 73, imprisoned Elisabeth in the cellar in 1984, when she was aged 18, but police revealed that he had started planning the dungeon as early as 1978.

The moustachioed septuagenarian, dubbed a "monster" in the Austrian press, received planning permission to extend his house at 40 Ybbsstrasse in 1978, and worked on it for five years.

Fritzl has confessed to imprisoning and raping his daughter, now 42, and will be interviewed by investigating prosecutors later this week, possibly Wednesday or Thursday, spokesman Gerhard Sedlacek said." AFP

You know what they say if you love something, build a dungeon in your basement and rape it for 24 years. Then let it go and if it comes back rape it again.

Words to live by I say.

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