Thursday, May 8, 2008

Video of the Day

This year the NBA playoffs have been real physical and we've had some tough contests. The only complaint I have are those stupid split screen commercials. I have to admit at first I thought they were cool, interesting, and pretty original. However that changed quickly when the NBA marketing staff was too lazy to write more than three scripts, then we saw the guys saying the same thing over and over. The commercials just became lame and annoying. Well my friends leave it to Adam Sandler to give us a nice little spoof of the commercials along with "Hollywood" Baron Davis (trying out a new nickname)


Rohan said...

you dumbass..........those split screens RULE!!!!!!!!!! it brings meaning to the commercials and playoffs, one thin gi cant stand is tne constant flopping

about me said...
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about me said...

are you a point guard or a point goat?!! hahahaha (from aron)