Saturday, May 3, 2008


So this is it, my blog. Who's Buzz? That'll be Buzz Bissinger, he hates blogs. He wrote "Friday Night Lights" (the novel not the crappy NBC TV show) Buzz thinks blogs are cruel and are contributing to the dumbing down of the country. He said it on Bob Costas' show "Costas Now" as a part of a panel that included Deadspin's creator Will Leitch and for some reason Braylon Edwards was there. Buzz let Will have it read all about it here, watch it here, and get Will's final thoughts here.

Did Buzz bring up some good points? Yes. However his point was lost because of the cruelty he showed towards Will Leitch.

Once Buzz had some time to think he joined Dan LeBatard from 790 The Ticket WAXY-AM in Miami. You can hear the complete interview here.

One thing, what the hell was Braylon Edwards doing there? Right at the top Braylon was asked if he read sports blogs and if he blogged himself and the answer of course was "no."

If I were a producer of that show I think that would have been the first question I would have asked him BEFORE putting him on the show. I guess T.J. Houshmandzadeh wasn't available.

Does Buzz really hate my blog? I dont think so but I hope he will in the future. Will I contribute to the dumbing down of America? I think I've been doing that for 26 years so why stop now.

I'll be posting everyday (maybe) about a various amount of things. So enjoy.

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