Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whats going on today?

On ESPN tonight you can catch the Indians and the Yankees 7 pm. Then next week you can catch "Cooking with the Yanks" if that doesn't sway you don't miss "Home Makeovers with the Yankees." Next fall on ESPN catch the new hit comedy "Derek and Me", starring Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. ESPN your home for Yankees baseball.

8 pm on TNT Pistons-Magic game 3. Lets hope the officials bring their stopwatches for this one.

10:30 pm on TNT Jazz-Lakers game 2. Tonight before the tip off watch as Kobe smugly accepts his MVP award.

If you feel like watching a sport that no one is watching anymore tune to ESPN2 at 9 pm.

If sports ain't your thing then whats on TV Tonight?

Not a dam thing! Seriously Wednesday has to be one of the worst nights of television.

However if you insist on watching TV tonight here is what the networks are bringing you.

"Wife Swap" 8 pm (My neighbor does this everyday but he calls it something else)
"Super Nanny" 9 pm

"Deal or No Deal" 8 pm (Watch as OCD sufferer Howie Mandel avoids all types of contact with the contestants)

"Price is Right: Million Dollar spectacular" 8 pm (it doesn't mean they are giving away that much, thats just Drew Carey's salary per show)
"Criminal Minds" 9 pm

"'Til Death'" 8 pm
"Back to You" 8:30 pm
"American Idol" 9 pm (Boo!)

Writer's Choice:
"Going Postal: 15 Most Shocking Acts of Violence" E! 8 pm

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