Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never Leave Us Again!

Now I'm not one to really post lots of celebrity stuff on here because that is just not my style, but this is big news.

If Conan's move to the "Tonight Show" ain't grand enough, stuff just got grander!

Andy Richter is back! And I'm glad because this guy has talent, sure he may not have hollywood looks, he may be a little portly, sometimes even if you squint your eyes a little you can see a little of porky pig.

"Andy is back.

Yes, Andy. Who left. Moved back to the Evil Empire in California. Tried his hand at a couple of sitcoms - one of 'em, per my recollection, pretty good. Learned about the cold cruel fate of cancellation.

And probably wished he'd never left in the first place...

...And has now been re-united with Conan O'Brien." Newsday

So what that he had two sitcoms on two different networks and each of them failed miserably and most of the parts he got in movies were 3rd tier roles that would only have one or two lines. I still love the guy and more importantly Conan loves the guy. Welcome back Andy. Who knows maybe you to can one day pass out giant novelty checks to unsuspecting families.

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