Monday, February 23, 2009

The Day in Sports

Shot of the Month!

Does not get any better than that shot by Devin Harris. Until someone else hits a better shot tomorrow...

Harris finished with 39 and the Nets get passed the Sixers 98-95. Meanwhile back in Gotham little Nate Robinson comes off the bench and scores 41 to lead the Knicks in a win over the Pacers 123-119 as Will Ferrall and others watched. So far the Celtics do not seem to miss Kevin Garnett as they win again in blowout fashion 114-76 over the Denver Nuggets. Other winners Jazz, Hornets, and the Clippers.

Only two games last night featuring top 25 teams. #2 Oklahoma (w/o Blake Griffin) fell to #15 Kansas and #6 Louisville gets past Georgetown. So pretty much a light night when it comes to College Basketball.

I am starting a Name Hall of Fame and my first inductee is: Chief Kickingstallionsims. Yes that is the guy's name, he plays for Alabama State University, he is a 7'1", 265 lb, senior that scores about 9 points a game. I'm not going to rule out a pro career for this guy he had a big night last night as the ASU Hornets defeated Alcorn St. 76-71. Chief Kickingstallionsims had 16 in the effort.

Wow it must be a cold day in hell. The Florida Panthers are the topic of 4 paragraphs on Nobody in South Florida cares about the Panthers, some of the players can murder the other team on the ice they will still just be a blurb on the sports page.

Oh there was only one game in the NHL tonight the San Jose Sharks beat the Dallas Stars 1-0

Marvin Harrison asks for and will get his release from the Indianapolis Colts, saving the team six million dollars. So really win-win for both sides.

Pretty light night in sports, what you wanna fight about it?

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