Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morning Wood

Once in a while I'll actually wake up before noon. So here is my Morning Wood. (Most links Not Safe For Work - NSFW)

It was fashion week in NYC last week and it finally looks like the fashion industry is starting to cater to the important demografic - Straight dudes. WWTDD (NSFW)

Its that time of year again, no not spring training, its Lindsay Lohan posing topless. Last year Lohan bared it all for New Yorker Magazine. Well this time around she poses for someone named Heidi Slimane? WHO? Who cares its Linsday sideboob!

BEYONCE NIP SLIP!!! Thats it? I've seen better nip slips at my local mall (not too sexy however)

MMA bombshell Gina Carano posed for Maxim. Hello UFC what the fuck are you waiting for? Sign her! SportsbyBrooks

Happy Wanking!

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