Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Few Things to Check Out

If you find yourself bored with nothing to do on the internet I have a few solutions. First go look at some porn if thats not your thing then check these out.

Well it turns out some jobs are not as cool as some people make them out to be, according to Cracked Magazine. One job that will always be cool is Love Machine...Eh ladies?

From the "No Shit" department. Turns out fast-food increases your chance of stroke. Thanks University of Michigan for telling me something Family Guy has already told me. I hate it when scientists do research on obvious crap. For once I would like to see a university come out with research on something people actually care about like "Blowjobs give women everlasting life."

Shaq Twitters while dropping a deuce. Also lets not forget the Shaq-a-wockeez!

Great now everyone is coming out with their "I was mauled by a monkey" story. This shit better not become a trend. One dead monkey is all I can handle.

With all the economic problems going on now-a-days why aren't more people pissed off and marching in the streets? Well Ireland has had enough and they are taking it to the streets. Is America next?

In video game news, nerds are sore losers. That is not breaking news that is just fact, however some nerds are getting so pissed they are messing with your Xbox 360 internet connection.

In sports news the Celtics cruise by the Suns, and the Miami Heat get spanked by the Orlando Magic.

Former LA Angel Garret Anderson signs with the Atlanta Braves.

Michael Crabtree has a stress fracture in his foot, but will workout in the NFL combine then will have surgery to fix the foot. This guy is going to be a freak but he is forced to workout in this pointless exercise because if he doesn't he would lose millions of dollars. If his career gets sidetracked the NFL is to blame.

Then there is this...


That is all...Now leave me with my thoughts.

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