Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 5 Fantasy Players Week 7

Lets move on to the receivers. Its been a crap shoot with the wide receivers this year. Lots of big time players are struggling and others are making names for themselves. Here are the ones that had the best week. Top 5 WR (Based on points)

5. Randy Moss - Last season Randy was the #1 receiver all year even on bad days this guy found himself in the endzone. This year has been a different story and until Matt Cassel figures it out, Randy is going to continue to be pedestrian. HOWEVA when Champ Bailey went down on Monday night Randy broke out with 2 TDs. More on Moss next week with my mid-season report.

4. Steve Smith - I was watching the Saints and Panthers this past week and when Steve Smith made that catch in the endzone between two Saint defenders I was convinced, that Smith is the greatest WR under 6' in NFL History. This guy is small but fast, strong, crafty, and tough as nails. If Steve Smith were 6'3" he would be the best EVER! I like the Panthers' chances if Smith continues to make plays like the one he made on Sunday.

3. Andre Johnson - This guy is just phenomenal! If Andre Johnson played in Dallas and not Houston Terrell Owens would be the #2 guy. Johnson just makes plays week in and week out and no one seems to notice because he's not a loudmouthed diva. Well I've noticed that he's just had 3 straight awesome games! After a little bit of a slow start Andre is back to being possibly the best receiver you've never heard of.

2. Antonio Bryant - He's got the size, speed, and skills to be a good receiver he proved it on Sunday night by having a great game he just lacks the consistency to do it all the time. Bryant sometimes is unstoppable and then other times he disappears. Lets hope that he's gained more confidence after John Gruden has said that he will remain the starter even when Joey Galloway returns from injury.

1. Calvin Johnson - If the Lions can ever figure things out and turn that franchise around, they have the next Jerry Rice. While watching Johnson just glide from endzone to endzone after that 96 yard TD pass from Dan Orlovsky its easy to see why the Lions traded Roy Williams to the Cowboys. Calvin Johnson is an elite talent and he is being wasted in Detriot.

Alright lets get to top 5 tight ends for week 7 (based on points)

5. Tony Gonzalez - I feel bad for this guy, quite possibly one of the best tight ends ever and the Chiefs have sucked for a while now. Would have been nice to see him in a Giants uniform. Expect more Tony in Week 8 because with LJ missing this game it will be up to him and Dwayne Bowe to carry the offense.

4. Dallas Clark - This guy is schizophrenic, one week he is posting decent numbers for fantasy owners, then the next he vanishes. I've never trusted Dallas Clark.

3. Visanthe Shiancoe - I'm not going to lie I don't know anything about this guy other than he plays for the Vikings. His fantasy numbers are nothing to get excited about and he's had some decent weeks. I think this week he benefitted from a wild affair in Chicago, dont expect too much from him the rest of the way.

2. Greg Olsen - 3 out of the last 4 weeks Olsen has put some decent numbers. The Bears dont throw to the tight end much but when they do Olsen has answered the call. I think Olsen can be a good tight end in the NFL eventually.

1. Owen Daniels - He's been a solid target for the Texans this year and he will continue to be one all season.

Alright those were your top 5 fantasy football performers for week #7 based on points. Check back later on this week for my fantasy starters of the week and predictions.

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